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Wow you say that’s a bold statement. Well I will get right to it.
After four years countless hours and lots of dollars, We have been around the block with WordPress hosting companies. We run highly resource intensive woocommerce sites. Speed, performance and security is a must!

First search we compared BlueHost and Ipage. We went with Ipage at this point our ecom sites were growing. Willing to spend good money for the right WordPress hosting. While with Ipage they launched so called “New” WordPress environment plan. Not so much, Slow load times countless excuses, customer service response time was bit slow, problem resolution not the greatest.

Another Search was on again. After testing and research, we migrated all our WordPress sites to Godaddy’s Managed WordPress it was great loads time were faster security was good. Then Blam Three months’ later slowness started to creep in. Now more calls, emails, scripting changes and CDN. Nothing worked. In the meantime, loads times, had gotten progressively worse. Directly effecting conversation conversion(sales). Reason overloaded hard disk servers and outdated software.

frustrated with hosting

Finally, in Get it right stage needed for growth. The third search was on again. At this point we were looking to go into a dedicated server. Wow big Bucks’ While researching pricing and alternatives I remember reading a article about How to speed up woocommerce website one of their suggestions was hosting they listed WPX Hosting™ Formally known as Trafficplanet as a good choice for WordPress Hosting. That wouldn’t brake the bank unlike the alternative dedicated server hosting. Average monthly entry level dedicated hosting plans start from $150.00 to $250.00.




We recommend at least basic knowledge of FTP, SQL, PHP and CSS before choosing a dedicated server. Reason You will pay IT Support hundreds more than just the monthly fee.

The Turning Point

Before we pulled the trigger and went with the dedicated server I decided to try out WPX Hosting™  why not they offered free migration with in 24 hours, fast speed, top notch security, 30-day Risk free trial, free SSD and PHP 7.3 all things important to us almost to good to be true. So we did I went with the Business Plan. They migrated just one E-com website. WOW my load times were 100% faster right from the start. That was in early 2016. Note the E-com website below has over 1000 users a day 1.5 MB landing page. Load time is phenomenal for this size page and the high volume traffic. Most WordPress websites have 1.3 MB or less landing pages.

6-1/2 months later that same E-com website is running the same if not better! Pingdom Speed Test results The customer service is great the response time is super quick and they know what they are doing. Since then We have migrated three more websites.  WPX Hosting offering Free CDN for Life… Huge Savings!

The Search Is Over We give WPX Hosting™ Our Stamp of approval

24/7 Live Chat Support: World’s Fastest & Easiest Managed WordPress Hosting Service. Free Site Transfers, Free SSD, Free CDN, Up to PHP 7.3 Enabled + Enterprise Level DDOS Protection, 512MB per website on Elite (for each of the maximum 35 websites) and much more.

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