Direct Marketing

In the current day and age, we get blasted with so much content and ads on our phones that it surprises us when we get something in person. People naturally look at it longer and is more direct.

We are still working to figure out a better way to advertise online; however, we have had as high as a 3% buy rate from our flyers! (Online ads average 1.91% click through and 8% after clicking through buy something. That's 0.15% of impressions actually buy something)

Business Consulting

Every business can get pushed to the next level. We like to push all boundaries and make anything come true. Whether you need us to help start the company and deal with government entities to just figuring out why things just aren't working. We can pump the energy into whatever you have.

Business Partners

If you have a business idea and don't want to risk it alone or don't know where to begin. We can team up and get the ball rolling.

If you feel like your business is going under and need some "juice" pumped in to turn things around. We have your back.

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