About Josh Seeley

Josh has created a few companies with his first big success being Innovated Property Maintenance LLC. Using his advertising plans grew IPM from the ground up. For the last 2 years was able to double sales year over year. In this company he created a few inventions listed below.

He had Innovated Fitness for life, a non-profit for people with terminal and chronic illnesses. He ran it from 2017-2020. It sadly had to close from COVID-19.

He is currently working on opening a distillery in Kremmling, CO. Using the 10 tons worth of apples IPM gets from the properties it maintains he is making an apple brandy..

IPM Gallery


Innovated Property Maintenance LLC is the first company in the world to use completely mobile solar power to power all of their equipment. This is Josh's biggest accomplishment for the time being.

Boulder, CO has been trying to make round up illegal. IPM started figuring out new ideas for a solution. Josh invented a machine that uses a superheated saturated steam that I can apply to rock beds and mulch beds to instantly cook weeds.

After doing so he created an acid base solution to spray weeds but is so safe a person can spray a chip and eat it. Weeds visually die from this treatment within an hour.